“Aren’t all event tents basically the same?”
“Yes…Until NOW!”

You’ve seen the other tents. As a matter of fact, so has everyone else. Over and over again. At every event. Same Tent – Different Logo. Boring!
At Tent-Mate, if we’re not creating something that is different than everyone else, well, we get bored. There’s no satisfaction in pumping out the same product day-in and day-out. It’s as unsatisfying as your dad telling you that you’re special and one-of-a-kind, just like all the other kids in the world.

“Game Changer”

Your world’s about to change. No longer will you be considered ordinary, plain vanilla, or just like the other guys. Tent-Mate® is introducing a total new look for your event. We are seeking the patent-pending design with intense focus on creativity, durability, easy setup and easy transportation.

Durable Construction:
Have you ever been that guy driving your moped and you get to the stop sign and you hear this chest pounding roar of a Harley pulling right up next to you? Kinda humiliating. That’s what it’s like with the other guy’s tents. You won’t have to experience that with Tent-Mate®. Our tents have sturdy, 2” thick poles with tension cables to keep it strong.

Options and Accessories:
You name it, we got it. If not, we’ll try to get it. Side and back wall panels are perfect for bragging about your brand. And while you’re at it, do the same with our banners and counters! Add some flare with our custom LED lights and your choice of pole colors and you’ll stand out more than a cat at a dog show.

Easy Setup:
We know how it goes. You’re running late to your event to setup your tent. You still have to finish that report, return all those messages, tweet about the celebrity you saw in the airport. You’re thinking “no time to shower before this starts, this is going to take forever to setup!” Well, you’re wrong. A typical setup takes 12-15 minutes. So please, take a shower.

Easy Transportation:
Freight bills. Just what the boss loves. Paying for an LTL shipment can eat up most of your budget for your event. No more. Tent-Mate® was engineered to easily be sent to your next event by UPS or FedEx. Simple.

2-Year Warranty:
Relax – we have you covered for 2 years. We’re in this together and we’ll be there when you need us.